Mission Statement


We, the management and associates of Advanced Age Realty, Inc., hereby state our beliefs as to the purpose for which the company is established and the principles by which it endeavors to operate at all times. Within these principles, we pledge our efforts for the accomplishments of these purposes.

Basic Purpose

The basic purpose of Advanced Age Realty, Inc. is to perpetuate the owners' investment in a company engaging in various aspects of the real estate business, always striving for an appropriate balance among all aspects in an effort to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, highest overall employee's/associate's morale and to earn optimum long range profits.

What We Do

The principle business of the company is the provision of Real Estate Services in a manner that will satisfy the needs of our clients/customers. All activities of the company shall be consistent with our responsibilities to our owners, our employees/associates, our clients/customers, and to the public at large.

Where We Conduct Business

The operations of the company shall be primarily in the Orange and Seminole counties of Florida, however, there is no geographical limitation. Should the real need arise for our services outside of these areas, provisions will be made to satisfy such needs, providing that the requirements of regulatory agencies can be met, and as long as such satisfaction will be in the interest of the company.

Our Philosophy and Objectives

Without any regard to race, origin, creed, background, economic position, or otherwise, Advanced Age Realty, Inc. is committed to providing the highest and best professional Real Estate Services. This professionalism and caring attitude encompasses our relationship with all concerned: Clients, Associates, and Employees. Together, we always seek to build a stronger and more motivated team, resulting in a more efficient service, and the building of a stronger organization each step of the way.

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